Men's March Against Violence

Men's March flyer

For more than 40 years,women and children had been marching and advocating for safety in our homes,schools and communities. Men's voices were silent. For all practical purposes they were non-existent.

Belieiving that men and women can work together as allies in shifting paradigms, changing worldviews and ending the injustices of patriarchy, the men and women of Honolulu dedided to stand united with one voice.

We believe that at our center, men and women are loving, caring and compassionate beings. Our birthright is to be connected, not to be adversaries or entitled. Our connectedness is brought about by joining together in the global struggle for respect and equality. Our contribution to this end is for men to speak out. It is to speak for and alongside women with one voice. That work begins here, with us.

Every October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the Men's March seeks to bring together everyone that is opposed to violence against women and children.

Please gather at Chinatown Kekualike Plaza on S. King Street in downtown Honolulu on Thursday October 13, 2011 to take part in a short march and rally to follow. The rally will feature prominent community members speaking out against domestic violence.

We must all unite to put an end to Domestic violence in our community.